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About Queensland legislation and this website

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About private Acts in Queensland

Human rights statements and certificates

Fundamental legislative principles

Principles relating to legislation that underlie a parliamentary democracy based on the rule of law

Information about fundamental legislative principles and the application of those principles in Queensland legislation, primarily intended as a guide for those involved in developing Queensland legislation

Queensland legislation handbook

Information about legislative processes managed by the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC), part of the Governing Queensland suite of handbooks

Finding Queensland legislation and information

A guide to using this website to find Queensland legislation and related information

Working with OQPC on Queensland legislation

A guide for government policy officers working with the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC) to develop legislation

Working with OQPC on drafting private member's legislation

A guide for members of Parliament and their staff on working with the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC) to prepare private member’s legislation


Other legislative resources

Administrative Arrangements Order

Sets out the responsibilities of ministers and their portfolios, including the Acts they (and their departments and agencies) are responsible for administering.

Guidelines for drafting local laws

The Local Government Act 2009 provides for local governments, other than the Brisbane City Council, to make local laws for good rule and government in their local government areas. The City of Brisbane Act 2010 makes equivalent provision for the Brisbane City Council.

These guidelines concern the drafting practices to be observed when drafting local laws.

Guidelines for drafting university statutes

Various acts establishing public universities in Queensland provide for the governing bodies of the universities to make university statutes.

These guidelines concern drafting practices to be observed when drafting university statutes.

Drafting instructions templates

For users within the Queensland government network only

Key to abbreviations used in reprints

Unofficial legislation

Consultation drafts

Access to consultation drafts of proposed legislation prepared by OQPC for government departments for public or stakeholder consultation

Unofficial reprints

Access to unofficial reprints of uncommenced enacted or notified legislation prepared for information only




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