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About indicative reprints on this website

An indicative reprint is an unofficial version of Queensland legislation that incorporates the proposed amendments to that legislation included in a Bill introduced into Parliament. To give website users a fuller understanding of how the legislation is affected, some indicative reprints may also incorporate other enacted but uncommenced amendments to that legislation.

Indicative reprints are not authorised reprints of the legislation.

It is important to understand that indicative reprints are produced for information only to assist website users in understanding how the proposed amendments would affect the legislation. The legislation that ultimately comes into force may, however, differ from the indicative reprint for several reasons—

  • The proposed amendments in the introduced Bill may be amended during the Bill’s passage through Parliament.
  • The proposed amendments may commence on different dates.
  • The proposed amendments may be affected by later legislative amendment before they commence.

When is an indicative reprint prepared?

We aim to prepare and publish selected indicative reprints on the website as soon as possible after a Bill is introduced into Parliament, ideally within five working days.

How can I be alerted when new indicative reprints are published on the website?

Indicative reprints are listed under the relevant introduced Bill in the Bills section of the What’s new column on the website Home page.

If you would like to be alerted when new versions of indicative reprints are published on this website, you can subscribe to Atom feeds. Indicative reprints are included in the Atom feeds for Bills and What’s new.

Where can I find indicative reprints on this website?

You can find links to the HTML or PDF versions of indicative reprints in the creation history section at the bottom of the Legislative history page for the relevant introduced Bill.

Find the Bill you want and navigate to the status information page—  

  • Click on the Legislative history button.

  • At the bottom of the legislative history page, find the indicative reprints prepared for legislation that has proposed amendments included in the Bill.

Our FAQ on indicative reprints outlines other ways of navigating directly to the HTML version of an indicative reprint.


  • Indicative reprints remain in the creation history for the relevant Bill but are not updated after they are originally published. They do not reflect amendments made to the Bill during passage through Parliament.
  • You cannot search for indicative reprints using the search functionality on this website.

What do indicative reprints look like?

Indicative reprints can be readily distinguished from official versions of reprints.

  • Cover page
    • ‘current as at’ date reads ‘[not applicable]’

    • special indicative reprint note explaining what amendments are included 

  • Table of contents
    • watermark ‘Not authorised—indicative only’ on every page

  • Body pages
    • watermark ‘Not authorised—indicative only’ on every page

    • provisions that have amendments (either from the Bill or other uncommenced amendments) incorporated are italicised

    • editor’s notes are included to explain the uncommenced amendments that have been incorporated 

  • Footer
    • ‘current as at’ date reads ‘[not applicable]’

  • Inline annotations
    • none

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