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What is an indicative reprint and where can I find them?

Indicative reprints are unofficial and unauthorised versions of Queensland legislation that incorporate amendments to that legislation included in a Bill introduced into Parliament. They are produced for information only to help website users understand how the proposed amendments would affect the legislation.

We have more information about indicative reprints available via the Information page.

Finding indicative reprints

You can find links to the indicative reprints in the Legislative history of the relevant introduced Bill.

  • From the Bill page, click the Legislative history button.

  • You will find links to the indicative reprints in the creation history below the published Bill.

Note: You cannot search for indicative reprints using the search functionality on this website.

Quick links

There are also quick links on the website to the HTML renditions of indicative reprints.

  • From the What’s new column on the website Home page—click on the sub-dot point under the entry for the Bill.

  • From the Browse Bills page—click on the indicative reprints icon in the Actions column.


Last updated 1 July 2022 at 18:41