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Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel

The Queensland legislation website is managed by the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC). We draft legislation for the State of Queensland and provide public access on this website to authorised legislation and information about that legislation. Information about OQPC is also available on this website.  


Legal advice

Please note that OQPC can't help with legal advice about the interpretation or operation of Queensland legislation. We explain below what we mean by legal advice and include links to other organisations that may be able to help—contacting them directly may save you time.


When to contact OQPC

We can help you with the following enquiriesyou will find our contact details at the bottom of this page:

  • Information that is strictly about processes for Queensland legislation, which includes—

    • whether particular legislation is in force
    • what provisions of particular legislation have commenced
    • whether a Bill has been assented to or subordinate legislation has been notified
  • Assistance with using this website, including its functionality and features, and information about when particular Queensland legislation will be available on this website
  • Technical problems with this website, for example, accessibility, broken links or corrupt files—please check our FAQs first then, if you still need assistance, contact the webmaster.


When to contact another organisation

We can't help you with the following enquiries but have provided hyperlinks to other websites that have helpful information:

  • An explanation of the law

  • Legal advice or research, which includes—
    • what legislation applies in particular circumstances
    • what provisions in legislation mean
    • how legislative provisions are applied
    • whether provisions in legislation have been breached
  • An investigation of possible breaches of the law

The Queensland Government has information on its website about where to get assistance with legal information and advice.


  •  Information about—
    • future plans for legislation
    • underlying policies for Queensland legislation

For these enquiries the appropriate Queensland Government department may be able to assist. If you don’t know which department that is, the Administrative Arrangements will help you find out which department administers legislation in the area you’re interested in.


  • Computer support for the configuration of browsers or the installation of software associated with reading files from this site—please seek other sources of technical computer support.

  • Information about forms relating to specific legislation—you will need to find the form on the website of the appropriate Queensland Government department. (If you don't know which department that is, see the Administrative Arrangements.)



Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel

  • Postal address
    • PO Box 15185, City East  QLD  4002
  • Corporate enquiries
    • Phone: 07 3003 9600



We respect your privacy when you contact us with an enquiry.


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