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Acts as passed
These are Acts as originally passed by the Legislative Assembly and assented to by the Governor. They do not include any changes made due to later amendment.

These are the legislative instruments introduced and taken through the Legislative Assembly, which, after being passed and assented to by the Governor, become Acts.

Consideration in detail
This is the internal Legislative Assembly process by which the provisions of an introduced Bill are considered clause by clause by members during its passage through Parliament and amended if necessary.

Cumulative update to legislation
This is part of the Queensland Legislation Annotations. Information about legislation is updated weekly and incorporated cumulatively for periods of approximately 6 months before a new cumulative update begins.

Current Legislation
This is the collection of current and historical versions of reprints of Queensland Acts and subordinate legislation incorporating all changes to the legislation and published online.

Explanatory notes for Bills
These are prepared for each Bill introduced to the Legislative Assembly and give a brief explanation of the provisions of the Bill.

Explanatory notes for subordinate legislation
Explanatory notes give a brief explanation of the provisions of the subordinate legislation. From 1 January 2011 all subordinate legislation has an explanatory note.

Historical versions of reprints
Earlier, non-current versions of reprints (accessed by clicking on the icon in the historical versions column via the Current Legislation link).

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