Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Amendment Regulation 2019

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1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Amendment Regulation 2019.


This regulation commences on 1 September 2019.

3Regulation amended

This regulation amends the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Regulation 2017.

4Insertion of new ss 4A–4D

After section 4—

4APrescribed matter for emergency plans—Act, s 86A

For section 86A(1)(d) of the Act, the matter prescribed is the place to which home owners and other residents of the park must evacuate if there is an emergency.

4BWritten records of emergency procedure tests

(1)The park owner for a residential park must ensure a written record of each emergency procedure test for the park is kept at the park.

Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

(2)In this section—
emergency procedure test, for a residential park, means a test of an emergency procedure provided for in the emergency plan for the park.

4CEmergency plan to be displayed on notice board—Act, s 89

For section 89(3) of the Act—
(a)the prescribed type of information is the emergency plan for the residential park; and
(b)the prescribed period is any period for which a home owner for the park, or a tenant of a home owner for the park, resides in the park.

4DInformation for initial disclosure documents—Act, sch 1

For schedule 1, item 1(d) of the Act, the following information about site rent that is, or is to be, payable for the site is prescribed—
(a)the basis for working out the amount of each increase in the site rent;
(b)how often the site rent is to be increased.

5Renumbering of ss 4A–5

Sections 4A to 5
renumber as sections 5 to 9.