Heavy Vehicle (Registration) National Regulation

Effective Date Publication Date Amendments Included Notes
01 July 2018 02 July 2018

The Heavy Vehicle (Registration) National Regulation is a law of Queensland under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (Queensland). It is intended a new reprint of the National Regulation will be prepared by the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel when any change in the National Regulation takes effect.

Heavy Vehicle (Registration) National Regulation SL No. 90

made by the Queensland Governor, as defined under s 730(5) of the Heavy Vehicle National Law, acting on the advice of the Executive Council of Queensland on 21 June 2018

published on the NSW legislation website in accordance with Pt 6A of the Interpretation Act 1987 of NSW on 22 June 2018

ss 1–2 comm on date of publication

ss 3–10, sch 1 comm 1 July 2018 (see s 2 and 2018 Act No. 10 s 2(2))

Heavy Vehicle (Registration) National Regulation

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Tabled: 21 August 2018