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Agent-General for Queensland Act 1975

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Agent-General for Queensland Act 1975

An Act to provide for the office of Agent-General for Queensland

1Short title

This Act may be cited as the Agent-General for Queensland Act 1975.

2Application of Act

This Act applies in respect of—
(a)the person holding the appointment of Agent-General for Queensland at the passing of this Act, who shall be deemed to have been appointed pursuant to and to hold his or her office under this Act; and
(b)every person appointed as Agent-General for Queensland at any time after the passing of this Act.

3Appointment of Agent-General

(1)The Governor in Council may from time to time appoint some person to be Agent-General for Queensland in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
(2)In the absence of an Agent-General or in case of the temporary incapacity or absence of the person who is, at the material time, Agent-General, the Governor in Council may appoint some person as Acting Agent-General who, while the person acts in such appointment, shall have the duties and functions of the Agent-General.

4Term of service

The person appointed to be Agent-General for Queensland or as Acting Agent-General shall, subject to this Act, hold office for a term determined by the Governor in Council in respect of each appointment, and shall be eligible for reappointment.

5Termination of service

The Governor in Council may at any time, on the ground that the Agent-General for Queensland or Acting Agent-General—
(a)has been guilty of misbehaviour;
(b)is incapable of properly discharging his or her duties or functions;
(c)refuses or neglects to carry out any direction of the Governor in Council given pursuant to this Act;

remove or suspend from office the person who holds the appointment of Agent-General or Acting Agent-General.

6Duties and functions

(1)The Agent-General for Queensland shall act as representative and resident agent of Queensland in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
(2)The functions of the Agent-General include—
(a)promotion of the sale of primary products of Queensland;
(b)promotion of the sale of the products of secondary industries of Queensland and stimulation of interest in the extension of existing industries and the establishment of new secondary industries in Queensland;
(c)fostering of commercial relations between Queensland and the United Kingdom, Europe and the European Economic Community;
(d)dissemination of knowledge of and the encouragement of interest in Queensland;
(e)promotion within the United Kingdom of migration to Queensland;
(f)promotion of tourism in Queensland with a view to attracting tourists to Queensland;
(g)cooperation with Agents-General of other States and with the High Commissioner of the Commonwealth;
(h)carrying out any direction of the Governor in Council in relation to any of the functions referred to in the foregoing provisions of this subsection or in relation to any other matter affecting the representation of Queensland in the United Kingdom.
(3)At least once in every 3 months the Agent-General shall furnish to the Governor in Council a report on the discharge of the Agent-General’s functions and on any matter that may affect the representation of Queensland in the United Kingdom.

7Conditions of employment

The Agent-General for Queensland—
(a)shall be entitled to be paid such salary, allowances and expenses and to take such leave as the Governor in Council fixes from time to time;
(b)shall not, for as long as the Agent-General acts in his or her office as such, engage in any employment other than in the discharge of his duties and functions as Agent-General.

8Agent-general appointed under this Act

The agent-general is to be appointed under this Act, and not under the Public Sector Act 2022.

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