Private Health Facilities (Standards) Notice 2016

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Private Health Facilities (Standards) Notice 2016

1Short title

This notice may be cited as the Private Health Facilities (Standards) Notice 2016.


This notice commences on 1 September 2016.

3Notice of making of standards—Act, s 12

Each document mentioned in schedule 1 has been made, by the chief health officer, as a standard under the Act.

4Where copies of standards etc. are available for inspection

For section 12(4) of the Act, the place where copies of the standard and the provisions of any document applied, adopted or incorporated by the standard are available for inspection, without charge, during normal business hours is at the office of the chief health officer.

Schedule 1 Standards

section 3

1Continuous quality improvement standard (version 4)
2Credentials and clinical privileges standard (version 6)
3Ethics standard (version 3)
4Infection control standard (version 3)
5Information management standard (version 5)
6Management and staffing standard (version 6)
7Minimum patient throughput standard (version 5)
8Patient care standard (version 6)
9Physical environment standard (version 6)
10Specialty health services standard (version 5)

sch 1 amd 2019 SL No. 72 s 3; 2022 SL No. 159 s 3