Education (Overseas Students) Regulation 2018

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Education (Overseas Students) Regulation 2018

1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Education (Overseas Students) Regulation 2018.


This regulation commences on 1 July 2018.


The fees payable under the Act are stated in schedule 1.

4Waiver of fees

(1)The chief executive may, under this section, waive all or part of a fee payable by a person under the Act.
(2)The fee or part may be waived—
(a)before the fee would otherwise be payable; or
(b)after the fee has been paid.
(3)However, the chief executive may waive all or part of the fee only if satisfied the person is experiencing, or has experienced, financial hardship because of—
(a)a declared public health emergency under the Public Health Act 2005; or
(b)a natural disaster.
(4)The chief executive’s power to waive the fee or part may be exercised—
(a)if the waiver applies generally or to a particular class of persons or matters—by notice published on the department’s website; or
(b)if the waiver applies to a particular person—by giving the person notice of the waiver.
(5)A notice published or given under subsection (4) must state the amount of the fee being waived.
(6)If the waiver applies to a particular person, the power to waive the fee or part may be exercised on the chief executive’s own initiative or on the application of the person.

s 4 ins 2020 SL No. 104 s 16

5Appropriation from consolidated fund not authorised

To remove any doubt, it is declared that section 4 does not purport to authorise the payment of an amount from the consolidated fund.

s 5 ins 2020 SL No. 104 s 16

6Transitional provision for Education Legislation (COVID-19 Emergency Response) Regulation 2020

Section 4 applies only in relation to a fee payable on or after the commencement.

s 6 ins 2020 SL No. 104 s 16

Schedule 1 Fees

section 3




Application for an approval—


(a)  for a school provider approval (Act, s 7(b))



(b)  for a student exchange approval (Act, s 15(b))



Application for amendment of an approval (Act, s 22(2)(b))—


(a)  for a school provider approval



(b)  for a student exchange approval



Application for renewal of an approval (Act, s 26(2)(b))—


(a)  for a school provider approval



(b)  for a student exchange approval


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