Radiation Safety (Radiation Safety Standards) Notice 2021

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Radiation Safety (Radiation Safety Standards) Notice 2021

1Short title

This notice may be cited as the Radiation Safety (Radiation Safety Standards) Notice 2021.


This notice commences on 1 September 2021.

3Notice of making of radiation safety standards—Act, s 16

For section 16(4) of the Act, each of the documents mentioned in schedule 1 has been made as a radiation safety standard.

4Where radiation safety standards and particular documents may be inspected—Act, s 16

For section 16(5) of the Act, the place where copies of the radiation safety standards and the provisions of any document applied, adopted or incorporated by the standards are available for inspection, without charge, during normal business hours is the department’s office dealing with radiation health and safety.

Schedule 1 Radiation safety standards

section 3

1Standard for ionising radiation apparatus—medical imaging (2021)
2Standard for non-ionising radiation apparatus—medical or cosmetic procedures, or related practices (2021)
3Standard for premises—ionising radiation sources (2021)
4Standard for premises—non-ionising radiation apparatus (2021)
5Standard for radiation sources—industrial, mining, manufacturing, and other practices (2021)