Tourism Services Regulation 2003

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Tourism Services Regulation 2003

1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Tourism Services Regulation 2003.


This regulation commences on 1 December 2003.


The fees payable under the Act are stated in schedule 1.

s 3 amd 2017 SL No. 109 s 122

3AFee exemption or reduction for particular applications for renewal of registration

(1)This section applies in relation to an application for renewal of a registrant’s registration made under section 22(1) of the Act if the registration expires between 1 February 2020 and 31 January 2021, both dates inclusive.
(2)Despite section 3
(a)if the application is for registration for a term of 1 year—no registration renewal fee is payable for the application; and
(b)if the application is for registration for a term of 3 years—the registration renewal fee payable for the application is $1,574.
(3)This section expires on 31 March 2021.

s 3A ins 2020 SL No. 250 s 32 (retro)

exp 31 March 2021 (see s 3A(3))

4Keeping records and other documents

(1)This section applies to a person who is, or has been, an inbound tour operator.
(2)The person must keep the person’s accounting records for a financial year for at least 7 years after the end of the financial year.

Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

(3)The person must, for each travel package arranged by the person that includes visiting a place, or travelling, in Queensland, keep a copy of the following until the retention day for the travel package—
(a)all itineraries and quotations used by the person for the travel package;
(b)all documents used by the person to promote the travel package.

Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

(4)In this section—
accounting records, of a person, means the financial records kept by the person for carrying on the business of an inbound tour operator.
retention day, for a travel package, means the day that is 2 years after the later of the following days—
(a)the last day a tourist arrives in Queensland under the travel package;
(b)the day the person ceases to use, or materially changes, the travel package.

5Change in circumstances for which notice must be given

For section 33 of the Act, a change in any of the following circumstances for a registrant is prescribed—
(a)the registrant’s name;
(b)the name under which the registrant carries on business;
(c)the registrant’s residential address, business address or postal address;
(d)the registrant’s phone number, fax number, mobile phone number or email address;
(e)any change that would make the registrant no longer a suitable person to hold registration under section 13 or section 14 of the Act;
(f)for a corporation, the composition of the executive officers of the corporation;
(g)for a partnership, the composition of the partners in the partnership.

s 5 ins 2008 SL No. 355 s 3

Schedule 1 Fees

section 3




Application fee for registration under section 20 of the Act



Registration issue fee under section 20 of the Act—for each year



Registration renewal fee under section 22 of the Act—for each year



Application fee for changing a condition of registration under section 18 of the Act



Application for replacement of a registration certificate under section 27 of the Act



Inspecting a register kept under section 28 or 72 of the Act



Obtaining a copy of an entry in a register kept under section 28 or 72 of the Act


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