Planning (Secondary Dwellings) Amendment Regulation 2022

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1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Planning (Secondary Dwellings) Amendment Regulation 2022.

2Regulation amended

This regulation amends the Planning Regulation 2017.

3Amendment of sch 24 (Dictionary)

(1)Schedule 24, definitions household and secondary dwelling
(2)Schedule 24—
household means 1 or more individuals who live together in a dwelling.
secondary dwelling means a dwelling on a lot that is used in conjunction with, but subordinate to, another dwelling on the lot, whether or not the dwelling is—
(a)attached to the other dwelling; or
(b)occupied by individuals who are related to, or associated with, the household of the other dwelling.
(3)Schedule 24, definition dual occupancy, paragraph (a), ‘for 2 households’—
(4)Schedule 24, definition dwelling house, paragraph (a), ‘for a single household’—
(5)Schedule 24, definition dwelling house, paragraph (b)—
omit, insert—
(b)2 dwellings, 1 of which is a secondary dwelling, and any domestic outbuildings associated with either dwelling.
(6)Schedule 24, definition multiple dwelling, ‘detached, for separate households’—
omit, insert—