Racing Integrity (Fee Unit Conversion) Amendment Regulation 2022

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1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Racing Integrity (Fee Unit Conversion) Amendment Regulation 2022.

2Regulation amended

This regulation amends the Racing Integrity Regulation 2016.

3Replacement of s 7 (Fees)

Section 7—
omit, insert

7Application fee for racing bookmaker’s licence—Act, s 79

For section 79(2)(a) of the Act, the application fee for a racing bookmaker’s licence is—
(a)if the applicant is an individual—2,609 fee units; or
(b)if the applicant is a corporation—7,505 fee units.

8Rounding of amounts expressed as numbers of fee units

(1)This section applies for working out the amount of a fee expressed in section 7 as a number of fee units.
(2)For the purpose of the Acts Interpretation Act 1954, section 48C(3), the amount is to be rounded downwards to the nearest dollar.


If the number of dollars obtained by multiplying a number of fee units mentioned in section 7 by the value of a fee unit were $2,648.75, the amount of the application fee, after rounding, would be $2,648.

4Omission of sch 2 (Fees)

Schedule 2—