Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2021

Queensland Crest

1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2021.


This regulation commences on 27 September 2021.

3Modification of application of Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Laws—Act, s 7

(1)For section 7(2) of the Act, this section modifies the application of the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Laws in Queensland.
(2)The Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Laws do not apply to a thing done in Queensland—
(a)by a departmental employee for the manufacture, supply or use of unregistered therapeutic goods; or
(b)by another individual supplying or using unregistered therapeutic goods manufactured by a departmental employee.
(3)In this section—
departmental employee means an individual employed in the department in which the Act is administered.
unregistered therapeutic goods means therapeutic goods that are not listed goods or registered goods.