Queen’s Wharf Brisbane (Leasehold Land) Declaration 2019

Queensland Crest

1Short title

This declaration may be cited as the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane (Leasehold Land) Declaration 2019.

2Land to be leased to the State—Act, s 43

(1)This is a leasehold declaration for section 43(1)(b) of the Act.
(2)The land described as lot 222 on the plan shown in schedule 1 is the subject of the declaration.
(3)The land is to be leased to the State for 6 years.
(4)The purpose for declaring the land is to grant a lease for development in relation to the Queen’s Wharf area.

3Riverside expressway structure excluded

(1)The riverside expressway structure is not subject to this declaration even if it is on the land mentioned in section 2(2).
(2)In this section—
riverside expressway structure means any infrastructure and structural works forming part of the South East Arterial Road (Riverside Expressway) that was declared by gazette on 1 July 1983 to be an urban arterial road under the repealed Main Roads Act 1920.

Examples of infrastructure and structural works—

pylons, pile caps, footings, abutments, piers, conduits, pipes, barriers, railings, electrical works and lighting infrastructure

Schedule 1 Plan

section 2(2)

Plan of declared land