Nature Conservation (Protected Areas) Amendment Regulation (No. 3) 2017

Queensland Crest

1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Nature Conservation (Protected Areas) Amendment Regulation (No. 3) 2017.

2Regulation amended

This regulation amends the Nature Conservation (Protected Areas) Regulation 1994.

3Amendment of sch 2 (National parks)

(1)Schedule 2, entries for Daintree National Park, Girringun National Park, Great Sandy National Park, Lamington National Park, Magnetic Island National Park, Main Range National Park, Mount Barney National Park and Pumicestone National Park—
(2)Schedule 2—

Daintree National Park

Lot 50 on AP7008, lot 10 on AP9485, lot 98 on AP15838, lots 1 and 2 on AP12196, lot 1 on AP15509, lots 7 and 77 on AP16237, lot 9 on AP16248, lots 1 to 5 on AP19235, lot 1 on AP19304, lot 206 on plan FTY1322, lot 156 on plan NR38, lot 81 on RP738146, lot 51 on RP738160, lots 63 and 120 on RP738161, lot 288 on RP738996, lot 315 on RP739001, lot 54 on RP739766, lot 469 on RP742051, lot 472 on RP742052, lots 1 and 2 on SP208278, lot 8 on SP217464, lots 1 to 3 on SP224301, lot 101 on SP224327, lot 9 on SP245712, lot 15 on plan SR42, lot 245 on plan SR49, lot 116 on plan SR247, lots 44 to 47 on plan SR841, lots 5 and 7 on plan USL8841, lot 29 on plan USL8889, lot 6 on plan USL8931, lot 84 on plan USL8943, lots 102 and 104 on plan USL20207, lots 91 to 95, 106, 202 to 204, 301 to 303 and 305 to 308 on plan W3451, lot 20 on plan NPW695 Sh 1 and Sh 2 (other than the parts within lot A on plan SR804238 and the area shown and described on DP160642 as an area to be excised from lot 20 on plan NPW695), lot 76 on RP737398 and lot 102 on SP224327, containing an area of about 120,240.9514ha

Girringun National Park

Lot 18 on plan NPW936, lot 1 on SP205224, lot 488 on plan OL226, lot 46 on SP104507, lots 1 to 3 on AP13769, lot 3 on AP19366 and lot 1 on SP247852, containing an area of about 277,921ha

Great Sandy National Park

Lot 21 on plan NPW1150 and lot 12 on SP148801, containing an area of about 221,463.1ha

Lamington National Park

Lot 496 on plan NPW225 (other than lot 99 on SP274809), lot 273 on plan Wd4726, lot 249 on plan Wd5357, lot 54 on SP110556, lot 22 on SP244410 and lot 497 on SP274810, containing an area of about 21,114.2712ha

Magnetic Island National Park

Lot 456 on plan NPW398, lot 11 on AP7710, lots 1 to 3 on AP11603, lot 145 on AP15636, lot 117 on plan EP333, lot 140 on plan EP584, lot 161 on plan EP626, lot 155 on plan EP668, lot 21 on plan EP770, lot 135 on plan EP774, lot 165 on plan EP797, lot 198 on plan EP1451, lot 81 on plan EP2384, lot 147 on SP150179, lots 1, 2 and 11 on SP223226, lot 1 on SP226459, lot 1 on plan USL51449, lots 1 and 12 to 15 on plan USL51451, lot 1 on plan USL51453, lot 8 on plan USL51464, lot 1 on plan USL51472, lot 8 on plan USL51543, lot 15 on plan USL51549 and lot 3 on SP286573, containing an area of about 3,622.9346ha

Main Range National Park

Lot 178 on plan CC886, lots 89 and 90 on plan M341449, lot 34 on plan M341219, lot 1 on SP176693, lots 117, 283, 327, 401, 501, 661, 750, 786, 933 (other than lot 1 on SP248330) and 961 (other than lot 2 on SP248330) on plan NPW718, lot 14 on plan CC1415, lot 15 on plan CH31375, lot 13 on plan CH312519 and lot 52 on SP280505, containing an area of about 32,421.2984ha

Mount Barney National Park

Lots 200, 359, 735, 737 and 745 on plan NPW739, lot 67 on plan Wd582, lots 68 and 77 on plan W312126, lot 99 on plan W312494, lot 116 on plan W312505, lot 97 on plan W312430 and lots 82 and 208 on plan Wd999, containing an area of about 18,267.91ha

Pumicestone National Park

Lots 25 and 611 on plan NPW1116, lot 26 on plan C31778, lot 35 on plan C311542, lot 28 on SP104284, lot 39 on plan C31845, lot 12 on SP104282 and lots 14 and 15 on SP138694, containing an area of about 621.207ha

4Amendment of sch 3 (Conservation parks)

(1)Schedule 3, entry for Mount Kinchant Conservation Park—
(2)Schedule 3—

Cooroibah Conservation Park

Lot 121 on RP100974, lot 2 on RP111976, lot 4 on RP136234 and lot 2 on RP165434, containing an area of about 163.036ha

Mount Kinchant Conservation Park

Lot 125 on plan CI840176, lot 18 on plan C124599 and lot 9 on SP179906, containing an area of about 290.6597ha

5Amendment of sch 5 (Nature refuges)

(1)Schedule 5, entry for Wairambar Rainforest Nature Refuge—
(2)Schedule 5—

Bosel’s Nature Refuge

The part of lot 5229 on plan HR2004, containing an area of about 201ha, shown on plan PA1026

Kings Plains–Alkoomie Nature Refuge

Lot 239 on plan BK15729, lot 161 on plan BK15764, lot 1 on plan BK15784, lot 1980 on plan BS296, lots 25 to 30 on plan C1578, lot 10 on plan C153108, lot 108 on plan C157111, lot 4623 on SP108024 and lot 2009 on SP195694, containing an area of about 86,295.632ha, shown on plan PA1000

Sandy Falls Nature Refuge

The part of lot 4611 on SP270181, containing an area of about 4,899ha, shown on plan PA1021