Legal Profession (Society Rules) Amendment Notice (No. 1) 2017

Queensland Crest

1Short title

This notice may be cited as the Legal Profession (Society Rules) Amendment Notice (No. 1) 2017.

2Notice amended

This notice amends the Legal Profession (Society Rules) Notice 2017.

3Replacement of s 2 (Notice of making of society rules by law society)

Section 2—
omit, insert—

2Notice about law society making rules

The rules mentioned in column 1 of schedule 1—
(a)have been made as society rules; and
(b)commence on the date stated in column 2 of schedule 1 opposite the name of the rules.

4Insertion of new sch 1

After section 3—

Schedule 1 Society rules

section 2

Column 1

Column 2

Legal Profession (Society) Amendment Rule (No. 1) 2017

28 April 2017

Legal Profession (Society) Amendment Rule (No. 2) 2017

14 July 2017