Liquor (Licence Conditions) Amendment Regulation 2017

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1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Liquor (Licence Conditions) Amendment Regulation 2017.


This regulation commences on 1 July 2017.

3Regulation amended

This regulation amends the Liquor Regulation 2002.

4Insertion of new s 3FA

Part 1B, after section 3F—

3FAPrescribed conditions of licence for regulated premises—Act s 58A

(1)For section 58A of the Act, each of subsections (2) to (6) prescribes a condition of a licence for regulated premises.
(2)The licensee must ensure that at all times while there is approved ID scanning equipment on the premises—
(a)the equipment is physically secure; and
(b)reasonable measures are taken to ensure there is no unauthorised physical or electronic access to the equipment.
(3)The licensee must immediately give the licensee’s approved operator written notice of any incident the licensee becomes aware of that impacts, or could impact, on the integrity, security or performance of the approved ID scanning equipment that is on the premises.
(4)The licensee must ensure the service or repair of approved ID scanning equipment that is on the premises is done only by or through the licensee’s approved operator.
(5)The licensee must prepare, implement and keep up to date a privacy management plan stating how the licensee will comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth) in relation to the protection of personal information recorded by an approved ID scanner operated in the premises.
(6)The licensee must—
(a)consider any written breach of privacy complaint by a patron, received by or for the licensee, for example, by an employee of the licensee or a crowd controller engaged by the licensee; and
(b)give the commissioner written notice of the complaint, that also outlines the complaint, within 14 days after the complaint is received by or for the licensee.
(7)In this section—
approved ID scanning equipment means—
(a)an approved ID scanner; or
equipment mentioned in section 173EE of the Act, definition ID scanning system, paragraph (b) that is part of an approved ID scanning system.
licensee’s approved operator, in relation to approved ID scanning equipment, means the approved operator for the approved ID scanning system to which the equipment relates.
breach of privacy complaint means a complaint by a patron of the premises about an alleged breach of privacy, relating to the patron, by the licensee or an employee or agent of the licensee.