Liquor (Rural Hotels Concession) Amendment Act 2019

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The Parliament of Queensland enacts—

1Short title

This Act may be cited as the Liquor (Rural Hotels Concession) Amendment Act 2019.


This Act commences on 1 July 2019.

2Act amended

This Act amends the Liquor Act 1992.

3Insertion of new s 202A

After section 202

202A Concessional base licence fee for particular licences in very remote Australia

(1)This section applies in relation to the licence fee payable for a licence for a licence period if—
(a)the licence is—
(i)a commercial hotel licence; or
(ii)a community club licence for a club with 2,000 members or less; and
(b)the main premises under the licence are in very remote Australia.
(2)A fee regulation must provide for the base licence fee to be assessed at the rate of 10% of the base licence fee that would apply if—
(a)the main premises under the licence were not in very remote Australia; and
(b)for a licence mentioned in subsection (1)(a)(ii)—the licence were a commercial hotel licence.
(3)In this section—
base licence fee, for a licence—
(a)means the amount included in the licence fee for the licence under a fee regulation because of the licence type; and
(b)does not include an amount included in the licence fee for the licence under a fee regulation—
(i)because 1 or more detached bottle shops are approved for the licence; or
(ii)for any other reason.

Examples of other reasons an amount may be included in a licence fee under a fee regulation—

the licensee holds an extended trading hours approval for the licensed premises
the licence authorises the licensee to trade after 12a.m.
an infringement notice for a particular offence under the Act was served on the licensee
fee regulation means a regulation under section 202(1).
main premises, under a licence, means the licensed premises other than—
(a)for a commercial hotel licence—a detached bottle shop; or
(b)for a community club licence—premises mentioned in section 77(2).
very remote Australia, in relation to a licence period, means the area that is, on the first day of the licence period—
(a)the area classified under that name in the document titled ‘Australian Statistical Geography Standard, Volume 5—Remoteness Structure’, as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on its website and in force from time to time; or
(b)if there is no document mentioned in paragraph (a) in force—an area, prescribed by regulation, that is classified on a corresponding basis under another document that measures the relative remoteness of areas of Australia published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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