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Linking to reprints


What’s the best way to set up hyperlinks to specific reprints?

The best way to link to a specific reprint is to create a link to the status information (landing) page for the title. From there, you will always be able to directly access the current reprint or historical versions of the reprint as well as other information about the legislation, including the legislative history. You will also have the choice of viewing the legislation in HTML or PDF format. To receive alerts when new versions of specific reprints are published, you can also subscribe to an Atom (RSS) feed.

We strongly advise against creating ‘deep links’ to specific PDF versions of a reprint. Deep links to specific reprints will not update when a new, later version of the reprint is published. And, unlike links created to the status information page, deep links can break.

Last updated 1 July 2022 at 18:40