Land Tax Regulation 2010

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Land Tax Regulation 2010

1Short title

This regulation may be cited as the Land Tax Regulation 2010.


This regulation commences on 30 June 2010.

2APrimary production activities—Act, s 53

For section 53(1) of the Act, the following activities are prescribed—
(a)maintaining animals for the purpose of selling the animals or their bodily produce, including their natural increase;
(b)cultivating land for the purpose of selling produce;
(c)propagating or cultivating plants or mushrooms, for the purpose of selling the plants or mushrooms or produce from the plants, whether the plants or mushrooms are grown—
(i)in sand, gravel or liquid, without soil and with added nutrients; or
(ii)in the ground or in pots, bags or containers;
(d)planting or tending trees in a plantation or forest for the purpose of selling the trees or produce from the trees;
(e)an activity, other than an activity mentioned in paragraph (a), (b), (c) or (d), that is agriculture, dairy farming or pasturage;
(f)an activity that is—
(i)directly related to, and carried out to support, an activity mentioned in any of paragraphs (a) to (e); and
(ii)carried on for the same business of primary production mentioned in section 53(1) of the Act.

s 2A ins 2018 Act No. 12 s 18

3Application for clearance certificate

(1)For section 63(2)(b) of the Act, the way to make an application for a clearance certificate is—
(a)online from the website of an entity engaged by the commissioner for the purpose; or
(b)in writing to the commissioner by mail or at—
(i)an office of the department outside Brisbane; or
(ii)an office of the State government that deals with the collection of land tax.
(2)For section 63(2)(a) of the Act, the fee for an application for a clearance certificate is—
(a)if the application is made online—$35.25; or
(b)if the application is made in writing under subsection (1)(b)—$43.65.
(3)If the application is made online from the website of the entity, it is enough if the application fee is paid to the entity.

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4Prescribed period and documents for taxpayer’s election to pay land tax by instalments

For section 72 of the Act—
(a)the prescribed period is—
(i)35 days after the assessment notice for the land tax that is to be paid by instalments is given to the taxpayer; or
(ii)a longer period allowed by the commissioner; and
(b)a document that allows the commissioner to withdraw the instalments of the land tax, payable by the taxpayer, by direct debit from an account held, in Australia, by the taxpayer is prescribed.

s 4 amd 2019 SL No. 112 s 10