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Information about printing documents on the legislation website

The Queensland Government has contracted a commercial printer, LitSupport Pty Ltd, to print for purchase Queensland legislation available on the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC) website.

The information on this page is to assist users of the OQPC website to understand the print arrangements that have been set up between OQPC and LitSupport.

You are still able to click on a document link to print a copy of that document on your printer.

Many of the documents available on the OQPC website now appear with an associated basket icon.

If you wish to purchase a commercially printed copy of any of these documents, click on the basket icon to be redirected to the LitSupport website.

If you click the basket icon on Bills and SL as made pages, the associated documents (EN, errata, RIS) will also be added to your LitSupport shopping cart—simply select which documents you wish to purchase.

Other documents on the OQPC website are also available for purchase as commercially printed copies.

If you would like to purchase a copy of a document on the OQPC website that does not have an associated basket icon, you will need to email LitSupport with a specific request. Your email should include a reference to the OQPC website page on which the link for the document appears.

LitSupport will contact you to advise whether the document you requested is available for commercial printing and arrange your purchase.

To email LitSupport with a request to purchase a copy of an OQPC website document (that does not have a basket icon), click

This page last updated: 17 April, 2013